Scientists thought Covid leaked from Wuhan lab, but didn’t want to cause trouble

It’s incredible. For moments, people who suggested the novel coronavirus may have leaked from a lab in Wuhan were dismissed as conspiracy fools. wappies. They were banned everywhere. And the “scientists” told these people and the fact checkers that this was nonsense. But what turns out? These same scientists had concluded very early in the pandemic that it was indeed a leak… but they did not want to say it out loud “because it would be bad for science in China”.

Published emails sent to Dr. Anthony Fauci (indeed, the Anthony Fauci accused by Major Murphy paid for the emergence of SARS-CoV2) prove that many scientists believed at the start of the pandemic that the new coronavirus had “leaked” or “escaped” from the much-discussed laboratory in Wuhan. But, according to the emails, they feared saying it out loud would cause “commotion” and be “bad” “for science in China”.

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‘A likely explanation’ for Covid is, Wellcome Trust’s Sir Jeremy Farrar said in an email to Fauci in February 2020, that it came from a Sars-like virus present in human tissue in the laboratory. Such a virus, he continued, “may have been accidentally created for rapid transmission between humans.”

Sir Jeremy also cited other scientists who all believed the virus was unnatural. One such scientist was Professor Mike Farzan of Scripps Research. It was the expert who discovered how the original SARS virus attached to human cells. Die Farzan did not believe that the new coronavirus could have developed outside the laboratory. “In theory, it’s possible, but extremely unlikely.”

Professor Andrew Rambaut, from the University of Edinburgh, thought the same. “I don’t see how it could have evolved in nature,” he wrote. “I think the only people with enough information or access to samples to handle this are the teams working in Wuhan.”


Scientists all seriously took it to be true, but There was a problem. “Continuation of the debate [hierover] will unduly harm science in general, and China in particular,” renowned scientist Dr. Collins, former director of the US National Institutes of Health, commented on the matter.

Oh yes, Collins wrote, it might even harm “international harmony.” And this had to be avoided at all costs. Fuck the truth, keep the sweet peace. Yes, even if it means lying and cheating, and banishing people who dare to tell the truth.

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This is, of course, exactly what Major Murphy to say in a new leaked secret Pentagon report. He only adds that this research was sponsored by Anthony Fauci and his NAIAD and the NIH. If true, it makes sense that they wanted to keep this information hidden, even calling on their fellow scientists not to do anything about it. After all, they themselves got into trouble.

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