Second update | Rest after surgery is more important than Van der Poel: “It is ideal that he was not allowed to train as much”

(January 13, 2022) Mathieu van der Poel underwent surgery in Belgium, according to reports latest news. The Dutchman from Alpecin-Fenix ​​was already at home with a back injury. Whether the surgery on his back, his team will want to see In the leader’s shirt Not lost.

Van der Poel’s injuries have been a mystery for several months. It is the fact that he has been suffering from his back since the summer of 2021, and that he has to rest due to complaints of herniated disc is also known. But what is wrong with it is not entirely clear. Comfort is the magic word, Alpecin-Fenix ​​said. Only when van der Poel has no complaints at all can he ride the bike again.

So the news of an operation came out of nowhere. However, surgeon Toon Claes confirmed to HLN that he has already put the cyclo-Cross world champion on his operating table. Van der Poel was fired soon after and allowed to return home.

Update – January 13, 2022 (2.35pm): Scar tissue has been removed from Van der Poel

Alpecin-Fenix ​​announced in a short press release that Mathieu van der Poel has not undergone surgery in Belgium due to a back injury. The Dutchman underwent a knife to remove scar tissue from his knee. In a previous accident, a rupture of the patellar capsule appeared. As a result of that tear is the scar tissue in which a hard tuft has rubbed against the bone, it seems.

Van der Poel wasn’t bothered by his knee, but because he was now forced to rest due to his back injury, this was the perfect moment for a minor knee surgery. This is why Van der Poel had the operation last Saturday and now has a positive evaluation after a medical check-up with Dr Toon Claes. This operation was separate from the back injury that Van der Poel is currently recovering from.”

Update 2 – Jan 14, 2022 (8:15 a.m.): Van der Poel usually recovers quickly from knee surgery

Matthew van der Poel should be back on his feet quickly after his knee surgery this month. The Dutchman was on the operating table on January 8 to remove scar tissue from an accident in November. On Thursday’s scan everything seemed to be going well. Knee specialist Johann Belmanns tells latest news that it was a good choice for Van der Poel’s intervention. “Scar tissue in that spot can bother the rider and cause symptoms in the long run.”

Bielmans describes the intervention as “logical” and even speaks of an “ideal period” due to Van der Poel’s back injury. According to the Belgian, recovery from knee surgery does not have to take long. “This is going smoothly, it’s a matter of two or three weeks. The problem is that if you resume treatment too aggressively, you will re-create scar tissue in the wound. Especially if you’ve had surgery on the same joint before, scar tissue will form more quickly.” It’s important that he takes things easy for the first two or three weeks.In this regard, it’s ideal that he wasn’t allowed to train much for other reasons anyway.

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