Sofia from Sweden in Baby Happiness

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Finally the time has come! A few months ago it was announced that Sofia from Sweden is again looking forward to a new addition to the family can. The reason: his sister Lina Hellqvist should be for the first time become a mother. Lina has now given birth to a baby girl. As reported by Svensk Damtidning, Lina said: “We are happy to welcome our daughter.“Sofia will certainly happy with her sister. It is said that it is already certain that the princess becomes godmother. How nice!

January 13: Alexia from the Netherlands could make an important decision

For the past few months, Alexia from the Netherlands has been attending a prestigious boarding school in Wales where many members of the royal family send their children. One of his classmates: Leonor from Spain. To date, the two princesses should not have had much to do with each other, but That could change now. ‘Cause now they should be together take part in an initiative, that’s why I wrote to you Language app developed for refugees. The inventor recently explained that “people from royal familiesare involved in the project. And with Alexia and Leonor currently the only members of the royal family attending boarding school, there is virtually no choice but to work together on this project. …

January 12: Princess Märtha Louise worries about her partner

Not a good start to the year for Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. The sister of Crown Prince Haakon is very worried about his partner. The shaman Durek Verret, whom she has been dating for some time, has health problems. As has now been revealed, his work Apparently no kidneys for a long time correct. After needing a kidney transplant for this reason, it seems like his condition is getting worse again. According to the media, he must undergo dialysis treatment again. We wish him and Märtha Louise much strength during this time.

January 11: Superb declaration by Queen Margrethe

At 81, Margrethe from Denmark is definitely one of them former members of the royal family of Europewhich are still in operation. Similar to her counterpart Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch is not thinking about stepping down. But that doesn’t mean they’re theirs the successor does not have a clear vision. It is true that Crown Prince Frederik will first ascend the throne after her, but a lot can also be expected from the next generation. During an official appointment, Margrethe has now spoken a lot benevolence of his grandson, Prince Christian, who is second in line to the throne after his father. The queen said: “He seems very relaxed in a reasonable way. I don’t think he’s too shy or too bold. I think this all sounds promising.One thing is therefore certain: the Danish monarchy will still have a bright future ahead of it if Margrethe resigns one day from her duties.

January 10: unusual decision in the United Kingdom

After an armed intruder managed to break into Windsor Castle over Christmas, the Queen’s safety is now up for debate. And that’s where the ideas come to the table that have a lasting impact on the lives of many Britons could. A proposal that is currently controversial: a no-fly zone above Windsor Castle! The goal is to “further strengthen the security of this emblematic site and ensure the safety of local populations“, according to a police officer. It is still not known if this will actually happen. However, the demand shows that in Britain there are currently very worried about the queen.

You can read here what happened in the royal houses of Europe last week.


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