Southampton in friction with Chelsea over the future of Armando Bruga

RALPH Hasenhuttl has revealed that Saints CEO Martin Siemens is “in close contact” with Chelsea director Marina Granovskaya regarding the future of loanee Armando Bruga.

Saints’ top scorer this season, 20-year-old Broja is currently preparing to return to the Blues at the end of the season and fight for his place with the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz.

However, Hasenhuttl insisted earlier that Saints will see what they can do to keep the promising youngster at the club afterwards – ideally on a permanent basis.

In response to a question about whether discussions have already taken place about the future of the Albanian international, Hasenotl said: “Martin (Siemens) is in close contact with Marina (Granovskaya) and they will certainly find the right words and the right conversations.”

Chelsea manager Marina Granovskaya (left) and chairman Bruce Buck (pic: PA)

“Everyone has their interests, this is normal in this business, but we must find the best decision for everyone.”

Hasenhuttl was then offered an idea if Broja might come on loan for the second consecutive season at St Mary’s.

He added, “We will find a solution that we hope will be the best for the player and also for us. There are many options that you can talk about.

“The most important thing is for the player to know what he has to do. I think he knows very well what he has with us at this club and he feels very good here, everyone knows that.

“He knows Tino, knows Denel from Chelsea, gets along really well with Will (Smallbone) and Nathan Tella, it’s a young group.

Daily Echo: Armando Broja and Tino Livramento are close friends from Chelsea Academy (Image: Stuart Martin)Armando Broja and Tino Livramento are close friends from Chelsea Academy (Image: Stuart Martin)

“It’s not about the money, it’s about being comfortable and having a good atmosphere to develop your game and get better.”

“There are a lot of conversations to do but Martin is on this and Bruja should focus on this match,” he continued.

“It’s a job for us as a club but also for the people around him. I know his family is very keen to have him with us and they have made sure that he has to stay with us for longer.

“Then it’s also about Chelsea and what they want.”

With each passing performance, Broja’s stock increases as he shows more calm in front of goal and creativity in every other third-place contender.

The Daily Echo: Armando Bruja scored his fifth Premier League goal this season against Brentford (Photo: Stewart Martin)Armando Bruga scored his fifth Premier League goal of the season against Brentford (Image: Stewart Martin)

Hasenhuttl was asked if getting his permanent autograph gets more difficult with each high-quality show.

“I don’t know if it will get any more difficult,” he insisted. “In the summer it was impossible for us to bring him here because we didn’t have the money.

“We would also have a different situation if we immediately paid huge money for him in the summer because the expectations would be completely different.

“When he came here, he was definitely not at a level to help us right away. He took a lot of time to develop his game in the sessions, to learn and improve.

“If you pay a lot of money, you think the player can help you right away. The pressure is different for this player then.

The Daily Echo: Ralph Hessenhuttl has sent persistent questions to Armando Bruja over the past week (Image: PA)Ralph Hessenhuttl has answered consistent questions about Armando Broja over the past week (pic: PA)

“There are a lot of examples in the Premier League where young players cost huge money and then don’t advance because the pressure is great.”

Hasenhuttl added: “So it was the perfect situation for him to develop in all that calm we have at the club, take the next step, get a few minutes here and there, be here and there, have a chance to score and now he’s doing it.

“He’s still a very young boy still learning and we have to be careful not to overwhelm him with expectations or other things.”

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