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Tenerife was plunged into fourth division on Monday, January 10, and the restrictions will last until at least January 20. With the service industry being hit hard, the hospitality industry is sure to suffer. Ferghal Flaherty, an Irish expat who co-owns an Irish pub on the island, rejected the new measures.

The Irishman, who co-owns Irish music pub the Hole in the Wall, took to Facebook to express his sadness and annoyance that Tenerife was implementing new Covid measures that would affect tourism.

He stated: “What a difference a day makes. New restrictions are just a deadly joy.

“It’s so hard to turn our regular customers away and see the disappointment on their faces.”

Ferghal has been forced to close its doors to some customers as new restrictions require capacity for hotels and restaurants to be reduced to 75 percent outdoors and 33 percent indoors.

In tier two, indoor capacity for bars, restaurants and cafes was limited to 50 percent of capacity.

Another restriction, reported by, stated: “Non-EU residents (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) must be fully vaccinated to enter Tenerife.

“You must be fully vaccinated to enter bars, restaurants and cafes with a capacity of 30 people or more.”

While Tier 3 allowed bars and restaurants to stay open until 1am if their permit allowed, Tier 4 requires hospitality businesses to close at midnight.

Ferghal continued: “To believe that cutting the hospitality industry by another 17 percent and an hour less will stop the infection rate is nonsensical.

“They allow thousands of tourists on the island, but they don’t want them to enjoy themselves. Yes, people come for the winter sun, but if they force many of our fellow entertainment businesses to close, a large percentage of tourists won’t come.”

According to European Best Destinations, Tenerife is “the favorite destination of sunbathers, it’s perfect for young and old”.

However, tourists to the island are likely to experience trouble letting go and enjoying themselves amid the new strict rules.

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In addition to reduced capacity in bars, vacationers indoors will be required to wear masks unless seated at a table.

Revelry and mingling among tourists will remain in the background for the time being, much to the disappointment of holidaymakers.

Still, Hole in the Wall co-owner Ferghal remains optimistic and resilient.

He stated: “We are the heart and soul of the tourism industry and fool them into thinking that doing what they are doing will solve the problem.”

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He went on to say that while the easy option would have been to cut their losses, he felt a responsibility to their “loyal family” who kept them going.

“We’ve had good weeks and bad, but we’re moving in the right direction, our hard work and passion for what we do will help all the power-hungry government officials who never got their hands dirty on honest work or anyone who feeds off the downfall of others.” people.”

Ferghal concluded, “Where there is unity, there is victory.”

Irish pub aficionados were blown away by the comments expressing their gratitude for the Hole in the Wall; Ann Kennell described the news as “soul-destroying” for the pub.
Murray Leith stated: “Every government is a disgrace right now. None of them have a clue what they are doing. They are slowing down the killing of the hospitality industry and everything to do with it.”

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