The fencing master “Rust” files a complaint against the rental of weapons

Dgunsmith Hannah Gutierrez, responsible for revolvers and ammunition during the filming of the western “Rust”, accuses arms dealer Seth Kenney of having fatally shot cameraman Halyna Hutchins. In a lawsuit against Kenney, who rents guns and movie props in New Mexico and Arizona, the 24-year-old said Wednesday he provided him with a mixture of live ammunition and white bullets.

“Hannah and the entire film crew relied on the accused’s portrayal that he only provided blank cartridges,” the lawsuit said in a New Mexico court. Cinematographer Hutchins was hit by a bullet on October 21 as actor Alec Baldwin practiced gripping techniques during a rehearsal at a state movie theater ranch. The 42-year-old Ukrainian later died in hospital.

After allegations of reckless handling of guns by Gutierrez on set, the gunsmith also blamed Baldwin and deputy director Dave Halls in his 24-page complaint. Lead actor and co-producer Baldwin repeatedly skipped hours of practice. Halls allegedly failed to check the revolver and ammunition before handing the pistol to Baldwin on October 21 with the reference to “cold pistol” indicating blank cartridges.


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