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“Russia. We have to keep it a bit, that’s why we invited you,” says host Jenny to his guest, who is placed on a chair at the bar. The West and Russia cannot know. There are a lot of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine, and NATO threatens to send more and more of forces in this way. What should be done and what will happen in the near future? Because it is dangerous, isn’t it?”

Barakhina can confirm that it is “extremely dangerous”. It’s a very big question. Putin was shouting everywhere: We don’t want to invade Ukraine, we don’t want war. But before the dancer could make her point, Genee interrupted her: “But he also said: ‘We did not poison (former opposition leader, editor) Navalny. You do not know for sure what is true and what is not true with Putin. ”

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The dancer and judge Yevgenia Barakhina came to VI today to talk about the current situation in her native Russia.

The dancer and judge Yevgenia Barakhina came to VI today to talk about the current situation in her native Russia.


Visibly upset, Barakhina is silent, continuing her speech a few seconds later. She says, among other things, that she has just returned from Russia and that the people there “never look forward to war”. She then gave the men seated at the table a short history lesson about the relationship between post-war Russia and neighboring countries.

Barakhina is trying to simplify the rather complicated issue by “involving” the Netherlands. Tomorrow, for example, it will be said: There, in Groningen, missiles will be launched towards Amsterdam and The Hague. How do you feel?” Genee, surprised by the question, answered with a laugh: “What can I say…” Paul de Liu, also seated at the table, thinks this is basically “lousy for Groningen.” Then do it in Friesland. Or Limburg.

D cream

Then came Dirksen, who appeared earlier in the evening with Jenny and Rene van der Geep on The Marble Show Marble Mania: “Now you are telling a rather long story, but what you really want is approval of Putin’s policies. Barakhina: “No, I do not want to agree to Putin’s policy, I want to make it clear that in the Netherlands, or in Europe, it is seen very simply and in white and black. And not accurate. “

Dirksen wonders aloud if this has nothing to do with “the fact that Putin has entered Crimea as well.” “I might say something very stupid, but that’s how we Dutch people look at it.” When Barakhina also wants to explain the history of Crimea, Genee intervenes: “The program is too short, we have very little time.” Dirksen: “Before you know it, we’ll have eight minutes to announce.”

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Rene van der Geep and Paul de Leeuw had a great time Thursday evening.

Rene van der Geep and Paul de Leeuw had a great time Thursday evening.

Rota dictator?

He continues: May I ask you something? I read in the administration we receive about you next, that you do not think Putin is a dictator. But then I think: Someone changes the constitution to remain in control for life and liquidates every opponent or sends them to Siberia … That starts to look a bit like a dictatorship.” Jury member on shows like If you think you can dance in a Dancing with the Stars He disagrees, describing Putin as “a strong man with a direct way of governing.” “Very obvious. You could call him a dictator, but is Rota a dictator too?”

Dirksen: “Who?”

Barakhina: “Rote, Mark Root.”

Genee: “He doesn’t send people to concentration camps etc, haha!”

Dirksen, ironically: “No, I think that’s a wrong comparison. That’s a Boy Scout compared to Putin.”


Genee admits it’s going to become a “fairly surreal” conversation and announces a commercial stop. Dirksen: “Do I always have to drive an hour and a half for this?”

The second part of Sixth day He resumes with a laughing quartet at the table. Dirksen wonders how Russia’s problem can be discussed in such a short space of time, while Gijp has the “solution” to the conflict: “If Putin is so upset about those missiles, you take them down, right?”

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Johan Dirksen:

Johan Dirksen: “Do I always have to drive an hour and a half for this?”


Jenny tries to make it somewhat serious and asks Barakhina to imagine that politics in Russia is being considered critically in Holland.

“Yes, of course I can imagine,” she says. Of course bad things happen in Russia. The MH17 is unforgettable, painful and will be painful for the next 100 years. absolute. Bad things happen, but what I notice: when I hear news about Russia, it is always negative. (…) I grew up in the Soviet Union with the idea that “the Americans will attack us”.

whiskey bottle

When Dirksen later wanted to discuss press freedom in Russia, Jenny put an end to the topic. Perhaps Gijp’s best summation is the unforgettable broadcast: “Damn, I want a bottle of whiskey or two tonight…” Genee, she almost cried with laughter: “Tomorrow we have another episode of Sixth dayIt might be the last.”

The fourth episode of the series … was seen surprisingly on social media Sixth day. A large part of viewers wonders “Why does a dancer and a member of the jury on dance shows refer to the tensions between NATO and Russia.”

For example, someone wrote: “Broadcasting of the balls has begun. We are now on a cruise missile plot in Maastricht. It is still special that Sixth day. Another says, “Can someone ask that Russian if she never wants to come back?” Oh man, what endless and incomprehensible talk … “After another:” Tomorrow Sixth day: Sivan Hassan on piracy in Somalia.” And: “Inviting a dance teacher to explain important things is never a good idea.”

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