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Former US President Donald Trump abruptly ended an interview with public radio station NPR after critical questions over his unproven claim he fraudulently lost the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden.

NPR says the station tried for six years to organize the interview, but this has always been denied by the Trump team. He turned out to be willing to speak to the station this week. The interview was supposed to last fifteen minutes, but it didn’t go that far. Trump called the studio and hung up after about nine minutes.

The recording released by NPR shows Trump making the unproven claim that his rival won by cheating. “Do you really believe Biden got 80 million votes? I don’t believe him,” said angrily Trump, who believed “no one” showed up at his opponent’s campaign rallies. “But suddenly he got 80 million votes. Nobody believes that.

Interviewer Steve Inskeep wanted to know from Trump if he would only support US election candidates who share his theory of voter fraud. Trump then noted that candidates “who are smart” will support him, citing the example of Kari Lake. She wants to run for governor of Arizona on behalf of Republicans and is spreading theories of Trump and his supporters.

Inskeep then tried to ask another question, but Trump was clearly tired of the conversation. He thanked the interviewer and hung up.

Unproven claims

No evidence has been found that Trump lost the election as a result of fraud. Trump’s own attorney general, William Barr, found no widespread election fraud. Several judges and electoral commissions from different states have also come to the same conclusion. The Department of Homeland Security also found no evidence.

The Associated Press news agency in December 2021 re-investigated all reported cases of electoral fraud in the six states whose results Trump is disputing. This is a total of 475 votes, a number that would not have changed the outcome of the election. Contested votes only represent 0.15% of Biden’s profit margin in the states that matter.

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