Trump takes boos for granted, continues to advocate for vaccinations

As his country is going through a new corona wave, former US President Donald Trump has become a staunch supporter of the booster shot. Although he is sometimes booed by his supporters, Trump has made public appearances for vaccines developed in part during his reign. This week, he went so far as to keep members of the Republican Party silent about the fact that they had already received their third shot.without guts‘ (cowardly).

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Asset commented on OANN, a far-right television channel that also regularly propagates anti-vax views. In the interview, Trump said that “vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives around the world.” He himself had “had absolutely no side effects” from the boost, he vowed.

Trump said he was annoyed by politicians who, when asked, were left vague as to whether they had succeeded in the recall. “The answer is yes, but they don’t say it because they are cowards. It has to be said. “During that time, 37% of American adults received a booster shot.

“Freedom” more important than vaccines

Skepticism about vaccines is high among Republican voters. Their bite rate is 59 percent, significantly lower than Democrats (91 percent). Many members of Trump’s party do not dare to advocate loudly for vaccination. They prefer to turn around, under the guise of “freedom”, against the vaccination or mask obligations proclaimed by Democratic governors and mayors.

One of the strongest exponents of this sentiment is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, where Trump has also resided since leaving Washington. In the spring and summer of 2021, DeSantis ran another campaign to rapidly vaccinate his state’s particularly large retiree population. But now he’s primarily putting Florida on the map as “America’s freest state,” where no corona restrictions should apply. In a 30-minute State of the Union address DeSantis gave on Monday, the word “vaccine” was never mentioned.

The governor of Trump’s new home state is calling it a “private matter” that he received the recall. The ex-president seemed to be targeting DeSantis with his complaint against “cowardly” politicians. DeSantis is considered possible running partner or as Trump’s contender in the 2024 presidential election.

Developed faster than light

For Trump, the anti-vax sentiment within his party is painful. Several vaccines have been developed as part of “Operation Warp Speed,” a multibillion-dollar plan by his government to enable drug companies to invent feasible “faster than light” corona fire. President Biden praised his predecessor (and science) for the effort just before Christmas. Trump really appreciated the praise, he told Fox News. “It was great that he did that. It makes a lot of people happy. You know this country is going through a healing process and it can definitely help.”

Those who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones who do not get the vaccine

Donald J. Trump oud-president VS

The day after his predecessor’s eulogy, Trump gave a remarkable interview to a right-wing opinion maker and declared Candace Owens anti-vaccination. He surprised Owens by responding to his skepticism about vaccination with a warm call for inoculation. “Vaccines work, but some people don’t. Those who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones who do not get the vaccine.

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Trump will also be criticized. When he recommended the inoculation at a rally in Alabama this summer, he was booed. And when he revealed during a performance in Dallas in late December that he had already gotten his recall, the crowd cheered as well. “It’s just a small club in the back,” the ex-president put this protest aside.

Higher corona death on the right

Countering vaccine skepticism can also offer an electoral advantage: keeping voters alive. Research, notably from NPR radio, shows that Republican resistance to vaccines is not without consequences. In constituencies where Trump won 60% or more of the vote in November 2020, the coronavirus death rate from May – when vaccines became widely available – was more than two and a half times higher than in others regions last year. Party preference is the most powerful statistical indicator in the United States for predicting whether someone has been vaccinated or not, research showed late last year.

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