US imposes sanctions on North Koreans

NOTAfter the last North Korean missile test, the United States imposed sanctions on five North Koreans, one of whom is believed to be living in Russia and four reportedly based in China. You are responsible for purchasing goods for the construction of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles, the US Treasury Department said on Wednesday. All five are foreign representatives of the Second Academy of Sciences, whose sub-organizations are suspected by the United States and the United Nations of being involved in the purchase of North Korean weapons programs. They obtained telecommunications equipment, steel alloys, software and chemicals in Vladivostok, Dalian and Shenyang. If they had any assets in America, which is unlikely, they would be confiscated.

The sanctions also mean that U.S. citizens are not allowed to do business with them, and banks that allow them to conduct financial transactions could also face penalties.

Kim Jong-un was there again personally

Washington was responding to six missile tests the regime has carried out in Pyongyang since September. In all six cases, North Korea violated UN resolutions. The missile tests are “further proof that North Korea is pushing banned programs despite calls from the international community for diplomacy and nuclear disarmament,” said Brian Nelson, Secretary of State for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the United States. Treasure. The United States is also campaigning for new UN sanctions against North Korea at the UN Security Council. US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield announced on Twitter.

The most recent missile test on Tuesday was the first in nearly two years that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has personally overseen. According to North Korean reports, it was a hypersonic glider vehicle with “exceptional handling”. Kim called on scientists to step up efforts to strengthen the country’s military might, state media reported.


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