Valentin Driessen criticizes Raiola and KNVB: “Does the Netherlands allow this to happen?”

Friday January 14, 2022 at 06:58• Last update: 07:17

Valentin Driessen questions the “suspicious role” of KNVB and Agent Mino Raiola regarding Muhammed Ahtarin. The midfielder showed himself extensively on Thursday for the first time since disappearing from the radar at Sampdoria. He was Eindhoven’s best falling talent in place telegraph Candid about the past few months and I would like to end a dark period by returning to the Dutch fields.

On his return to the Netherlands, Ihattaren changed his agent – he replaced Raiola with Ali Dursun – and is now working on his fitness with former international Gerald Vanenburg, among others. “Ihattaren’s current entourage has the best of intentions for him,” Driessen says in his column on Friday. telegraph. They want to save him as a person and as a footballer. Vanenburg is willing to make sacrifices, as long as Ihtaren can work with the same work ethic every day.”

“Overall, the situation is sad. It is also saddening the situation of the Dutch football community if they fail to save the greatest talent of the past 10 years from destruction by abandoning them to their own destiny. Will the Netherlands allow this to happen?” asks the newspaper’s chief of football openly. “The dream transition has become a nightmare,” Driessen notes. “During the past six months, as a child, he has been lost in the big human world, with big money, with big clubs like PSV Eindhoven, Juventus and Sampdoria and has become a game for the people around him.”

“Ihattaren is responsible for his own life, but his environment with his family and agent Mino Raiola are equally responsible for the current ruin of his football career.” Driessen wonders where were the people who were happy when Ihattaren chose not Morocco but the Netherlands, or years ago when he won the European Championship with the Netherlands under 17. “Will KNVB let this great talent sink? Like former national team coach Frank de Boer did. Or his Dutch counterpart Juniors, Erwin van de Loy, whom he completely ignored. Or the manager of the best football team Nico Jean Hojma.”

Driessen finds it unfortunate that Hogma, “the goalkeeper of Dutch football”, did not bother to speak to his “greatest talent” when his career ended in a negative downward spiral. “He let his country coaches get away with flimsy excuses when they passed him to the national teams. Or someone like national coach Louis van Gaal takes the initiative and reaches out to him. To grab him by the hand. Or give him the Zest campus and the experience there to support him in his fight to return to the top “.

Ihattaren’s interview telegraph In Driessen’s view it is “a call from a nineteen-year-old who no longer knows, asks for help and desperately needs his last chance”. “I wonder if the Dutch big clubs or KNVB will continue to sit on their hands or try to prevent the loss of this child and top talent.” Ayatarin was forced to leave PSV Eindhoven last summer after a series of accidents and Juventus took over his position for 1.9 million euros and paid him directly to Sampdoria. Things went wrong at the club from Genoa. The playmaker said he was on his own and decided to return to the Netherlands in October without consulting.

“I left because of the conditions in Sampdoria. When I was 19, I was sitting there in a hotel room. Alone and left to my fate. I couldn’t take it anymore,” confirmed Ihtarin. telegraph. All kinds of agreements are not fulfilled. As if I don’t exist. I didn’t get my paycheck, nothing was arranged, and I didn’t get a bank account or insurance. Then I chose myself, protected myself and left. Trust is lost.”

According to various media, Utrecht-born Ihattaren will play for FC Utrecht on a one-and-a-half-year lease basis. The teenager does not want to confirm this. “I know I haven’t played football in half a year and it will take about four matches to get to my rhythm. I really need to be agile now,” he says. “I know I can get it done quickly. That was also evident last summer. I want to sweat and have cramps. I want to feel like I’m playing football again. Delicious.”

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