Victory! England throws Corona access pass in garbage: “No longer needed with Omicron”

A great victory for free citizens in England. The cabinet there is aware that this is the “covid pass”- ie Corona certificate or Corona access pass. It’s already happening this month.

Health Minister Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have concluded that certificates are no longer needed now that the Omicron wave has subsided. Moreover, according to Javid, they “instinctively have a feeling of unease” about politics. So they think it’s good that it’s no longer “necessary”. They say.

It seems that in February, only mouth masks should be worn indoors. All other restrictions are liable to lapse. And even that cap may disappear, as the media takes into account that England will simply be completely free again.

“It is encouraging that we have not seen an increase in the number of Covid-19 intensive care patients during this wave,” said Javid, “and there are signs that hospitalizations are decreasing as well. Yes, he also said, hospitals are still under pressure, but Omicron is almost certainly past its prime.

3G does not arrive

Last month Javid said he wanted to introduce a 3G system. It means: cured, vaccinated or tested negative. This would be necessary in nightclubs and during major events, in particular. But the citizens already saw the storm coming; this could then be quickly extended to other things.

But now Javid will say on January 26 that these measures are no longer necessary because the Omicron wave is already in decline. In addition, British researchers are already claiming that the ‘vaccinated’ part in particular does not make much sense because vaccines (almost) do not protect against Omicron. Then yes.

House of Lords

A great story and a great win, of course, but what Javid (pretty crazy, haha) doesn’t mention is that he and Johnson are actually being forced into it by the House of Lords. There are quite a few Lords in England who are completely done with corona madness. Unlike the political scum that governs us, they respect civil rights.

If Johnson and Javid don’t back down, they will face a rebellion from the Lords. And so they are taking a stand now.

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Either way, of course, none of this really matters. It’s just very Good news. In England there is a victory for free citizens. Now the Netherlands!

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