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Zambia is a small country. Still, it should make the headlines every day. Newspapers, news portals and radio stations should report regularly from the capital Lusaka, “Tagesschau” and “heute journal” should send corresponding articles. In this landlocked African country – known to some as the Victoria Falls – 18 million people live on twice the size of Germany, but for many of them the verb “Leben” in this sentence should be replaced by “to suffer. “.

In some countries, the consequences of the climate crisis are already being felt as badly as in Zambia, which is not so poor after all. Droughts that last for months alternate with torrential rains, swarms of locusts devour what the heat and floods leave behind. One crop after another is thus destroyed. Last year alone suffered more than 1.2 million People are hungry – with a population half of children. The need particularly hits women and girls because they traditionally work in the fields.

It is no longer just an acute emergency, but an ongoing emergency to which the Zambian people are exposed. Still, the rest of the world shows little interest in their plight – we now have it in black and white. The aid organization CARE assessed which Sensible point international media around the world last year at least reported. To this end, she has had over 1.8 million articles reviewed in English, French, German, Arabic and Spanish. The result is sobering, as my colleague Camilla Kohrs shows: In the sad ranking, after Zambia, there are other countries in Africa and Latin America as well as a European country. And the climate crisis plays an important role almost everywhere.

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The numbers speak for themselves: In 2021, the organization 360,000 Article on the interview of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan with the questioner of American television Oprah Winfrey counted. It was about Zambia 512. No wonder no one is talking about the emergency there. Part of the truth, however, is that articles about countries in crisis usually receive little interest from readers. This is also the case with t-online. At first glance, this seems understandable; Countries like Zambia, Niger and Guatemala are far away. The lack of interest is understandable, but let me make this comment. It is selfish and unreasonable.

Of course, we also have concerns in this country, and besides, everyone should enjoy their life. Nonetheless, it seems strange that in Germany we treat ourselves to delicious food, a warm house, a nice car and entertainment every day, while millions of people elsewhere live in the dirt and have to think it over. every morning how to get fed up with their children. But ignorance is also risky because today’s problems in Zambia due to rapid global warming could soon also be the problems of Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, yes, maybe also the Greece, Sicily, Albania. Except that its inhabitants, unlike the inhabitants of Zambia, have more ways and means to seek their help in central Europe.

We can no longer afford to look away. For moral reasons, but also for personal interest. And if you are now thinking: Oh my God, Harms is approaching the corner with a plea for donations, then my answer is: No, today just think about your media consumption for a few minutes. You can of course donate anyway.

Chileshe Muchindika-Ngwane from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, uses donations to plant vegetables and maize.  (Source: imago images)Chileshe Muchindika-Ngwane from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, uses donations to plant vegetables and maize. (Source: imago images)


The world is watching Koblenz

The charge of the federal prosecutor is: crimes against humanity. Former Syrian secret service officer responsible for torture in at least 4,000 cases, murders of at least 30 people and several rapes as well as cases of sexual violence Anwar Raslan | to be responsible. The acts allegedly took place in the torture prison between April 2011 and September 2012 al-Chatib clerk in Damascus, for which he was responsible. As federal prosecutors call for life imprisonment and a determination of the accused’s specific guilt, which would rule out a suspension of the sentence after 15 years, the lawyers for the secret service man plead for the acquittal and present their customers as reluctant followers. (find out more here). When the presiding judge announces the verdict today, a process will end which has attracted worldwide attention and is in fact suspected at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Just because that’s it Principle of global law authorized by international criminal law to prosecute possible war crimes committed by foreigners in other countries, the first criminal case for state torture in Syria place in Rhineland-Palatinate of all places.


Many hands, one ball

The second EM against the Olympic champion: With the match between Croatia and France, the European handball championship in Hungary and Slovakia the first sporting highlight on the program. Our sports department reports live for you. The German national team will play their first group match against Belarus in Bratislava tomorrow.


The final act of the farce

Today, the Australian Migration Minister wants to decide whether it is Serbian esotericist Novak Djokovic, Also known as a tennis player, despite the lack of corona vaccination, false information in his entry documents and protests from outraged citizens, he is allowed to stay in the country so that he can rake in a few million in the Grand Slam. My colleague David Digili will show you how the case could escalate in this way.


Read and watch what?

"Lateral thinker"- Demonstration in Rostock.  (Source: t-online / Daniel Mützel)Demonstration of “unconventional thinkers” in Rostock. (Source: Daniel Mützel / t-online)

How does such a demonstration work concretely through “peaceful anti-vaccination campaigns”? Our journalist Daniel Mützel observed in Rostock how right-wing extremists paved the way for a “lateral thinking” protest march.


Why is the SPD-led federal government so stubbornly sticking to the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline? Historian Hubertus Knabe discovered in documents how Olaf Scholz sought proximity to the Kremlin as a young socialist.


Sometimes there are short reports on TV that should be seen. Because they make you affected. Because they show who needs our protection. Yesterday evening there was such a contribution in “heute journal” (from minute 8:40).


    (Quelle: imago images / Kyodo News) (Quelle: Kyodo News / images imago)

Ten years ago today, the captain of the “Costa Concordia” landed the cruise ship on a rock in front of the Italian island of Giglio. A new documentary shows exactly how the fatal crash happened, which my colleague Marc von Lüpke reports on.


What amuses me

Zambia isn’t the only headline in the news. German news agency reports a lighter side: Zambian referee actually managed to play a soccer match whistle twice too soon. In the Africa Cup match between Tunisia and Mali, after 85:06 minutes, he apparently didn’t want to anymore and took out his pipe. However, the players convinced him that it really wasn’t possible at all. So he whistled again – only to call her a day after 89:45 minutes. In the meantime, he had quickly given a red card. A little later, the coach of the Malian team was at a press conference when he was informed that the remaining seconds plus the time-out still had to be completed. So his kickers trotted again on the field. Unfortunately, the Tunisians did not really want it anymore. No wonder they scored the only goal of the game. So you stayed there for a bit until the referee finally ended the game with a loud whistle. Unfortunately, dpa colleagues do not report whether the audience hissed or laughed.

I wish you a good day. Tomorrow, the point of the day will come from my colleague Johannes Bebermeier, you will hear from me again on Saturday. Best regards


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